Proxmox Standalone Instances


This is (already) the third blog post about Proxmox, and it’s what about you could do on standalone Proxmox instances.
When you don’t use Proxmox clustering features, you may want to stop some running services, polluting your system logs.

This has to be considered very experimental and don’t expect replication nor high-availability functionalities to work once you have disabled these services. 


systemctl disable –now pve-ha-crm.service
systemctl disable –now pve-ha-lrm.service
systemctl disable –now pvesr.timer
systemctl disable –now corosync.service

Remove Proxmox 6.0/5.1+ Subscription Notice

With the release of Proxmox 5.1 and newer (including 6.0) you’ll find the code related to the no subscription message that pops up on login has changed and prior instructions for removing it wont work.

To remove “You do not have a valid subscription for this server” run the command bellow. You will need to SSH to your Proxmox machine or use the node console through the PVE web interface.

Run the following one line command and then clear your browser cache (depending on the browser you may need to open a new tab or restart the browser):

sed -i.bak "s/data.status !== 'Active'/false/g" /usr/share/javascript/proxmox-widget-toolkit/proxmoxlib.js && systemctl restart pveproxy.service

Here are alternative step by step instructions so you can understand what the above command is doing:

  • Change to working directory
    cd /usr/share/javascript/proxmox-widget-toolkit
  • Make backup of file
    cp proxmoxlib.js proxmoxlib.js.bak
  • Edit the file
    nano proxmoxlib.js
  • Locate this line of code inside the file (use ctrl+w in nano)
    if (data.status !== 'Active') {
  • Replace it with this
    if (false) {
  • Restart the Proxmox service (also be sure to clear your browser cache, depending on the browser you may need to open a new tab or restart the browser)
    systemctl restart pveproxy.service